The Owenabue ETNS Board of Management met on Tuesday, 7th March. Below is the agreed report of the discussions at the meeting.

  • Building Update – Niall Wall, Buildings officer with Educate Together, presented to the BOM on the building process. He talked through the different stages of building and how they work. The BOM will be forming a buildings subcommittee to track progression and communicate updates to the community. Currently, we are in pre-Stage 1, preliminary design. The stages are 1) Preliminary Design 2a) Developed Design 2b). Detailed Design, 3) Tender Action Stage, 4) Construction Stage, 5) Final Account Stage
  • Teaching & Learning – We discussed the feedback from the WSE which was very positive. The BOM would like the recognise the hard work of all the staff which was recognised and affirmed by the Inspector and celebrate the wonderful pupils who were a credit to the school. We also discussed the upcoming summer programme for 2023.
  • Finances– The BOM discussed the challenges financially in the current climate and agreed to create a fundraising subcommittee with the aim to build a buffer to protect us for cash flow while utilities and other costs are so high. The BOM would love 1/2 volunteers to join the subcommittee. If interested, email
  • Policies/SSE – The BOM discussed our ongoing School Self Evaluation on the Learn Together Curriculum. The data is currently being analysed and will be used to create a School Improvement plan.
  • Parent/Guardian’s Association – The first PGA fundraiser, the raffle, was discussed. The would like to thank the members of the PGA who have put huge work into the organisation and to everyone who has sold tickets.
  • Enrolment – We discussed enrolment and numbers for September and ideas for how to spread the word further.

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