The Owenabue ETNS Board of Management met on Tuesday, 10th October. Below is the agreed report of the discussions at the meeting.

  • Welcome – The Board would like to welcome all our new families to the school, our enrolment is now 63 pupils and we are delighted to see our community grow.
  • Staffing – The Board of Management would like to welcome our new staff, Jane, Susan and Sorcha, to the Owenabue Team. 
  • New BOM – The current BOM is delighted that Maeve McGinn and Peter Bollard will join the new BOM in December as the Parent Nominees. 
  • PGA – Congratulations to the PGA on their first AGM, and a very successful first year. We look forward to working with the new PGA officers, Sue Daly, Annmarie McGoldrick, Sarah Murphy and Ann-marie Kovacevic.
  • Building Update – The BOM has agreed to form the building subcommittee in December once the new BOM is in place. Thank you to those who have volunteered.
  • Finances– The BOM discussed the challenges financially in the current climate and agreed to create a fundraising subcommittee especially with the budget cuts. A fundraising subcommittee will be established in December. Please contact if interested. 
  • Thank you – A huge thank you to our outgoing BOM members, Petra Grubisic, Cesar Ladeiro and Paul Slattery. For your time, your support and your willingness to get involved for the last 18 months. Thank you from the whole school community.
  • Enrolment – Enrolment is now open and will stay open until 27th October 2023

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