Owenabue Educate Together National School Expresses Gratitude for Community Support and Acknowledges Local Representatives’ Crucial Role, Alongside Patron Educate Together, in Positive Development, Pending Planning Permission

The Owenabue Educate Together National School extends heartfelt gratitude to the Carrigaline community for their unwavering support in our advocacy efforts regarding the Department of Education’s proposed accommodation plans.

The outpouring of support, including emails, social media shares, and advocacy on behalf of our school, has played a pivotal role in achieving a positive development in our ongoing dialogue with the Department of Education.

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the crucial role played by our local representatives, including Michael and Séamus McGrath, for direct advocacy with the department and John O Regan, Donnchadh O Laoighaire, Marcia Dalton, Jack White and Simon Coveney, who have been instrumental in championing our cause in a range of ways. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to our Patron, Educate Together, for their support. 

Many others, including members of our community and beyond, have reached out to empathise, support, and advocate on our behalf. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them for their dedication to our school community.

We are pleased to announce that, through collective efforts and community solidarity, a workable solution has been agreed upon. While the new plan still involves a split-site arrangement, the proposal is now located entirely within Herons Wood, providing a more viable and convenient solution for our school community. The proposed site is within a 5-minute walk from our current location.

It is important to note that this solution is contingent upon obtaining planning permission. Our Board of Management is diligently working through the necessary processes. We acknowledge that challenges may arise during this phase, and we appreciate the continued support and understanding of our community.

We understand that a split-site scenario is not the ideal situation for any school community, but this revised plan represents a significant improvement over the previous proposal. There are significant challenges ahead, particularly financial, in funding and maintaining two sites. We are engaging with the Department of Education for further information on how they will support the financial challenges. 

The dedication and advocacy demonstrated by our parents, guardians, and the broader community, along with the invaluable support of our local representatives and Patron Educate Together, have been instrumental in influencing this positive change. As we move forward, the Board of Management will continue to keep the community informed of any further developments. We are optimistic that, with your continued collaboration, we can navigate the challenges ahead and ensure the best possible outcome for our students.

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