The Owenabue ETNS Board of Management met on Tuesday, 3rd May. Below is the agreed report of the discussions at the meeting.

  • Teaching & Learning – We discussed the Include programme currently being done in all classes to celebrate Neurodiversity along with our work on Different Families, Same Love.
  • Educate Together AGM – The BOM discussed the upcoming motions for the ET AGM and decided which way to vote at each. Trina will represent the school at the AGM.
  • Parent/Guardian’s Association – We have some volunteer parents for the set up group for the PGA. They will meet Trina to discuss the next steps. The Board would like to thank the parents involved for stepping up.
  • New Pupil Visits – We look forward to new pupil visits later in May, we are very excited to meet the new families.
  • Recruitment– The recruitment process has started for our Deputy Principal. We expect to appoint someone in June.

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